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The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) is a cross-cutting network of DIVERSITAS with the task to explore and explain the great biological richness of the mountains of the world.

2014-09-15Interesting Publication: Biodiversity from mountain building

This short publication gives interesting insights into the effects of mountain building processes on biodiversity and species richness.

Carina Hoorn, Volker Mosbrugger, Andreas Mulch and Alexandre Antonelli (2013) Biodiversity from mountain building. Nature Geoscience 6:154
Nature Geoscience Homepage

2014-08-21New edition: A glance at the Wild Flowers of Iranian Mountains

The second edition of the excursion guide of Iranian mountain vegetation has been published. It includes brief descriptions of the species in English and Farsi, distribution maps, habitat descriptions, flowering time, and photos. Almost 100 new species have been included compared to the first edition.

Jalil Noroozi (2014) A glance at the Wild Flowers of Iranian Mountains 2nd Edition. Karim Khan Zand Publication, Teheran, Iran, 372 p.

Price: 47€
To order the book contact noroozi.jalil[at]gmail.com

2014-06-16Bouchout Declaration on open access to biodiversity data

GMBA just signed the Bouchout Declaration on open access to biodiversity data:

To support it as an organization or individual, you can sign it as well: http://www.bouchoutdeclaration.org/sign/

2014-06-12International Conference: "Development, Biodiversity and Climate Change: Issues and Challenges"

Chamba, India, 3.-5.10.2014

A conference discussing all facets of development, biodiversity and climate change, e.g., biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, poverty, agriculture, food security. Although the deadline for abstract submission is over, contributions from international delegates working on related issues can be accepted. There are also some scholarships offered.

For further information visit the conference homepage http://www.conferencechamba.com or contact conferencechamba2014[at]gmail.com

2014-05-19Conference: ForumAlpinum 2014 Alpine resources - Use, valorisation and management from local to macro-regional scale

September 17-20, 2014, in Darfo Boario Terme, Val Camonica, Italy

The eleventh edition of the ForumAlpinum will focus on the valorisation, use and management of Alpine resources from local to macro-regional scale. The ongoing elaboration of a macro-regional strategy for the Alpine region will be a backbone for discussing Alpine resource issues, as well as future orientations in research and macro-regional cooperation e.g. within the Alpine Space Programme 2014 – 2020.

Plenary sessions and thematic workshops will focus on questions as: How can Alpine regions better valorise their resources? What should we learn from past resource use? What are the main challenges of resource management in the future? What are best models of governance regarding sustainable use of Alpine resources?

A poster session will be dedicated to young scientists active in the field of Alpine Research on September 17th 2014. The first 4 posters will receive a prize of € 1,000 each, offered by the Presidency of the Council of Ministry - Department of Regional Affairs, Sports and Autonomy. Further 6 posters will receive a prize of € 500 each. Please see the call for abstracts on the webpage for more information.

Abstract submission for young scientist poster award: July 31, 2014
Registration deadline: September 10, 2014

For more information see http://www.forumalpinum.org

2014-01-13Workshop: Ecology of Glacier Forelands

September 17 - 21, 2014, in Obergurgl, Austria

Over the last years people working on glacier forelands and on pro- or periglacial environments have brought forward highly interesting new aspects from a variety of geographic regions. Among them are really astonishing and unexpected results which raise the question what are local specifics and what are common traits and mechanisms in such environments. This calls for common approaches and joint actions on a super-regional scale. This workshop aims to bring together people working on any organisms with their interactions and their abiotic environment in the terrestrial and aquatic habitats of deglaciated terrain of any kind including debris covered glaciers, rock glaciers, and nunataks.

Location: University Centre in Obergurgl
Organisation: Sessions with brief talks; Workgroups to discuss specific matters such as methodology, particular organism groups, theories and models, etc.; Synthesizing the outcome into a plan for joint actions; Half-day excursion to a local glacier foreland, and optional full-day excursion in the region on the last day.
Conference fee: none
Deadlines: Preliminary titles 16 February 2014, Final titles and abstracts 13 April 2014

Please use the official form for registration and to submit contributions. Download the form here, fill it in and send it to the contact address below.

Contact: Ruediger Kaufmann ruediger.kaufman[at]uibk.ac.at

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